Your Mistress is back!

After my recent International tour and amusement to disciplining a variety of world slaves I find myself back in the West Midlands with a new mischievous excitement.

Feeling like somewhat of a homecoming I am greeting by the grovelling devotees and fetish fan club whom keep me grinning and pampered.

So as I strive forward with much opportunity ahead I am looking to extend and re-invent my space. An even more lavish kingdom of fantasy and fun soon to be unveiled.

With designs on new bespoke furnishings to fit I am a lady whose imagination is a wicked yet forceful power.

My passions of dominance and fine art of BDSM are like the magic that turns metal to pure gold.

As I stand proud, the superior female, my inferior slave army sit loyal, quietly awaiting instruction.

Together we are a force of energy, spirit and strength that shall never be broken


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