Testimonial from slave peter



Having read through all the pages of Mistress Rachel’s website, I knew that she would be one of the few Mistresses who is capable of taking me into subspace – that euphoric feeling of being in an almost hypnotic trance, with an afterglow that can last for days. I was right. During our session I willingly drifted into subspace, brought on by Mistress Rachel’s beauty and expertise.

Mistress Rachel is a truly magnificent Mistress.  Extremely well equipped with separate themed areas: a dungeon, an adult school room with several desks, a religious themed area with altar, a boudoir and a domestic area.  I wanted to session in her wonderfully appointed dungeon.

There is probably little point in me giving a blow by blow account of our session in this testimonial. After all, your interests will probably be different to mine. What I will say is that I emailed Mistress Rachel to inform her of my session interests and my hard limits and she remembered all of them. I will also say that if you love humiliation as much as I do, Mistress Rachel is by far the best Mistress I have ever met when it comes to humiliation. I have been seeing Mistresses for around 40 years, and yes, for me, Mistress Rachel is the best ever.

Mistress Rachel is a true professional who clearly loves what she does.

Our session was yesterday and I am still glowing today. I am really looking forward to going back.

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