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19 Oct 2016

Adult Schoolroom, Chapel & Boudoir Rooms

So with the recent developments of schoolroom, chapel and forced fem bitch boudoir I must say I am finding such a high feeling of satisfaction with all. Particularly my religious altar. This, which is an authentic altar, along with prayer board and crucifix’s purchased from a church in Warwickshire.

Only last week I had a most interesting session where I took great pleasure in making my Victorian school maid get on her knees in front of me and recite religious passage. She later was punished for ill behaviour over this altar, leaning over the open bible as a reproduction convent whip was used on her backside to administer the correct amount of lashes to make her think twice in further blaspheming.

She was then taken to the schoolroom and named and shamed among the other pupils. Her Victorian school outfit was inspected and judged. Her indoor bonnet was changed to hide her hair and show humility. A form of modest dressing insisted in such a scene. Unfortunately her stockings were found to be in ruin and had been woefully neglected.

Shameful for such a wayward specimen. From this she was bent over the horse and taken from behind like an obedient female. Whilst the others mocked. She had to learn that this would be the only way to please the janitor and the other male members of staff at the Victorian institute. A girl of little class and status such as her had to understand that her place was to accept and offer herself at times. Why on earth would should well bred ladies be expected to deal with the males ever coming needs. lowly girls as such needed to understand their position and learn to be grateful.

05 Sep 2016

Adult Schoolroom, Boudoir & Altar

So with the long awaited arrival of my traditonal schoolroom furnishings the school desks, wooden chairs, blackboard and wall maps have arrived…the schoolroom is now beginning to take fine shape…and with only a few small details to correct I shall very soon be opening for my autumn term classes here.

There shall be a variety of classes and sessions offered throughout…mixed classes for correctional behaviour, sissy school and much more. At present my class seats a maximum of 5 pupils at a time and classes will be strict, with uniform inspections, diciplinaries and a variety of tasks and training to be undertaken by all pupils. A set school uniform is yet to be decided…and of which will be available to purchase or hire for those fortunate to attend on a regular and privileged basis.

With this I have also had the arrival of the lavish french sofa / chaise along with the queen anne dressing table and chesterfield leather seats. The boudoir area is also coming along well…. A key area for both crossdressing services, forced fem and humiliation dress. I shall be very much looking forward to demasculating and using all who are forced into the glamourous bitch boudoir and humiliation parlour for my sheer amusement.

This is not to forget that in my gracious house of sin and saviour there is now to also be the arrival of a large wooden altar purchased recently from a local church. It would seem so rude to not provide a chapel  area for slaves to bow, kneel and worship to thier superior. Be it a confessional and worship or restrained to the altar and punished. So be ready to enter the true kingdom and vast playground of Mistress Rachel.

Just remember no one will hear your screams from in here.

05 Aug 2016

My Adult School Room

It has been a week of many thoughts the heavy mahogany school ma’am desk has arrived.

The vision of the school room is starting to unfold with its key pieces gathered. The soft green leather top of my desk will see many a pupil bent over and punished. There will also be many others beneath. Down at my feet quivering and grovelling to me. The green leather chair is where I shall be seated with my came tap tapping as I watch you, attention to detail always noted in the various lessons I shall be teaching.

I shall be sitting waiting for you to arrive and sit down obediently behind your original school desks. My soft sheer white blouse, tight pencil skirt and fully fashioned nylons radiate my strict governess dominance. My sharp shining stilettos dictate the level of obedience I expect.

As I visualise my pupils in dictated uniform or dress it brings a smile to my face of smug satisfaction. Of what is about to unfold, little by little things the kingdom I create. A perfect structured school of Mistress Rachel’s excellence and obedience.

West Midlands Mistress Rachel