Category : Adult School

05 Sep 2016

Adult Schoolroom, Boudoir & Altar

So with the long awaited arrival of my traditonal schoolroom furnishings the school desks, wooden chairs, blackboard and wall maps have arrived…the schoolroom is now beginning to take fine shape…and with only a few small details to correct I shall very soon be opening for my autumn term classes here.

There shall be a variety of classes and sessions offered throughout…mixed classes for correctional behaviour, sissy school and much more. At present my class seats a maximum of 5 pupils at a time and classes will be strict, with uniform inspections, diciplinaries and a variety of tasks and training to be undertaken by all pupils. A set school uniform is yet to be decided…and of which will be available to purchase or hire for those fortunate to attend on a regular and privileged basis.

With this I have also had the arrival of the lavish french sofa / chaise along with the queen anne dressing table and chesterfield leather seats. The boudoir area is also coming along well…. A key area for both crossdressing services, forced fem and humiliation dress. I shall be very much looking forward to demasculating and using all who are forced into the glamourous bitch boudoir and humiliation parlour for my sheer amusement.

This is not to forget that in my gracious house of sin and saviour there is now to also be the arrival of a large wooden altar purchased recently from a local church. It would seem so rude to not provide a chapel  area for slaves to bow, kneel and worship to thier superior. Be it a confessional and worship or restrained to the altar and punished. So be ready to enter the true kingdom and vast playground of Mistress Rachel.

Just remember no one will hear your screams from in here.