26 Feb 2017

Touring Dates Feb – April 2017

Touring Feb – April 2017

Singapore 22nd -27th Feb
Vietnam 28th Feb – 11th March
Thailand 14th March – 26th March
Hong kong 28th – 31st March
Dubai 2nd and 3rd of April
Rome 6th – 11th April

Essex (halstead) UK – 13th and 14th April
(Double domme sessions available by appointment in this time)

20th April – available back permanently in Worcester at my own chambers as before.

Adultwork phone chat and cam sessions available all of the time I am away.

26 Feb 2017

2017 so far…

So as 2017 speeds along my chambers find themselves presented with a variety of subservient specimens presenting themselves to serve.

One never bores of the real satisfaction that true consented slavery offers in modern day.

Whilst we read throughout history of those dark places and chain gang style slaves today’s version sees a much more modern version with its own equally sadistic measures.

The workhouse slaves steadily prove attention to detail and commitment to their well earned positions…Whilst those visiting for sessions experience a concise and free flowing intense domination.

With various furnishings and creativity dominance and pleasure sit hand in hand as I strip you back, break you down and watch you helplessly squirm in my presence.

Whilst trust and understanding form the basis of our play it is cat and mouse as you clearly respect and understand your place to a superior female.

Like every new day, each and every submissive shows qualities and weakness which i recognise. From which I pick and choose to amuse myself in my shrewd little games.

So whilst the days of chain gang may remain in our history books, Victorian fetishes, replica medieval devices and historic practice are far from forgotten.

Whilst I am both a professional and lifestyle domina ones everyday passions and interest flow naturally into all activities.

Having recently taken a keen interest in both a wrestling fetish and that of a physical nature I feel this year I shall be looking to experiment with this topic further.

Whilst my strict school ma’am Victorian theme seems quite a contrast I do believe the two shall be developed both with equal passion. After all we all grow, learn and develop through exoerience and curiosity.

Whilst my Victorian school room and dungeon are a constantly developing  space of fresh inspiration and ever growing wickedness, my appetite, much like my furnishings are never satisfied for too long.

For some just a mere world of simple fetish fantasy, for me a place of passion, control and ever changing wonder. Where domination and amusement becken forth the weak male.

A place for him to present his true self, the inner submissive he hides so well.

I am sitting waiting, your calling will not go away,  and I shall await your arrival.

Do note I shall be touring a variety of countries from February the 21st and returning back to my permanent base in Worcester just after the Easter weekend on the 20th of April.

My adventures and amusing moments shall as always be updated on Twitter as my journey progresses.

20 Nov 2016

Testimonial from slave peter



Having read through all the pages of Mistress Rachel’s website, I knew that she would be one of the few Mistresses who is capable of taking me into subspace – that euphoric feeling of being in an almost hypnotic trance, with an afterglow that can last for days. I was right. During our session I willingly drifted into subspace, brought on by Mistress Rachel’s beauty and expertise.

Mistress Rachel is a truly magnificent Mistress.  Extremely well equipped with separate themed areas: a dungeon, an adult school room with several desks, a religious themed area with altar, a boudoir and a domestic area.  I wanted to session in her wonderfully appointed dungeon.

There is probably little point in me giving a blow by blow account of our session in this testimonial. After all, your interests will probably be different to mine. What I will say is that I emailed Mistress Rachel to inform her of my session interests and my hard limits and she remembered all of them. I will also say that if you love humiliation as much as I do, Mistress Rachel is by far the best Mistress I have ever met when it comes to humiliation. I have been seeing Mistresses for around 40 years, and yes, for me, Mistress Rachel is the best ever.

Mistress Rachel is a true professional who clearly loves what she does.

Our session was yesterday and I am still glowing today. I am really looking forward to going back.

19 Oct 2016

Touring Dates

Halstead, Essex, at a well equipped fetish chambers

  • Saturday the 5th November. Between 10am and 6pm.
  • Sunday the 6th November. Between  10am and 4pm
  • Sunday the 13th November. Between 10am and 5pm

Lisbon Portugal

Forced bi play available, and also double domme sessions by prior arrangement

  • Tuesday 8th November
  • Wed 9th November
  • Thurs 10th November
  • Fri 11th November

Ruthin Castle Hotel, Ruthin, North Wales.

Mixed forced bi play available, TV play available by prior arrangement

  • Friday the 30th of December (Evening)
  • Saturday the 31st December
  • Sunday the 1st January
  • Monday the 2nd January
19 Oct 2016

Adult Schoolroom, Chapel & Boudoir Rooms

So with the recent developments of schoolroom, chapel and forced fem bitch boudoir I must say I am finding such a high feeling of satisfaction with all. Particularly my religious altar. This, which is an authentic altar, along with prayer board and crucifix’s purchased from a church in Warwickshire.

Only last week I had a most interesting session where I took great pleasure in making my Victorian school maid get on her knees in front of me and recite religious passage. She later was punished for ill behaviour over this altar, leaning over the open bible as a reproduction convent whip was used on her backside to administer the correct amount of lashes to make her think twice in further blaspheming.

She was then taken to the schoolroom and named and shamed among the other pupils. Her Victorian school outfit was inspected and judged. Her indoor bonnet was changed to hide her hair and show humility. A form of modest dressing insisted in such a scene. Unfortunately her stockings were found to be in ruin and had been woefully neglected.

Shameful for such a wayward specimen. From this she was bent over the horse and taken from behind like an obedient female. Whilst the others mocked. She had to learn that this would be the only way to please the janitor and the other male members of staff at the Victorian institute. A girl of little class and status such as her had to understand that her place was to accept and offer herself at times. Why on earth would should well bred ladies be expected to deal with the males ever coming needs. lowly girls as such needed to understand their position and learn to be grateful.

19 Oct 2016

Present yourself to Me

So it is time for you worthless lowly slaves and sissies to be told just the way it is from your superior.
Simply NO nonsense.
You all want lining up for a thorough punishment on your flawless waiting backsides and untormented nipples.
I have a good mind to line you all up regimentally and do just that. Savouring each squeal.

You are here for that one simple reason and that is to serve and please me.
You are all weak and feeble, longing for a sense of female authority and structure to take a grasp and give you a sense of belonging in life.
It is not deviance, or indeed a certain misfortune that has brought you here. No no – it is only the weakness within that has drawn you like a magnet to me. Sitting like the mouse in front of a playful cat.

My powerful Queen eyes hold you and I can hear your mind move one way and then the other like the pendulum of a clock ….tick.. tick.. tocking �� sounding out so clearly your pathetic uncertainty  as you panic as to what may happen next.
Don’t think you can be any more than just a whimpering toy to me. You are the ‘doll’ which I shall throw around roughly laugh at and mock and then find more uses for.

So what chance for you… for any of you to impress ME. I am amused as I watch you trying your utmost to be the best, favourite toy in my pile,  suffer for me, amuse me.
But perhaps there IS someone.. a new someone, somewhere adoring of this Mistress. A male with a confidence and standing ready to prove they can amuse and serve me well. I await this fantasy creature – but you do never know.

You ARE a truly humiliated little creature, how could you in anyway impress a goddess such as I … Come, present yourself, can you cope with my power ..excitement..prowess …control.

You’ll never be the ‘star’ of my little show – only tormented, used,dirty and deviant and for no other reason than because you are mine and will stay so.

Worcs Mistress Rachel

05 Sep 2016

A Poem – Kingdom


You will suffer for me
To prove you are worthy
To prove you are strong

I will punish you for your foolishness
your ill manners and meagre offerings

Bow to me
Beg to me
Worship at my altar
I am your superior

I will knock you down
break you
Into tiny shards
Then re build you as my own


To be stronger
More able
A true servant
A part of my kingdom


West Midlands Mistress Rachel

05 Sep 2016

Adult Schoolroom, Boudoir & Altar

So with the long awaited arrival of my traditonal schoolroom furnishings the school desks, wooden chairs, blackboard and wall maps have arrived…the schoolroom is now beginning to take fine shape…and with only a few small details to correct I shall very soon be opening for my autumn term classes here.

There shall be a variety of classes and sessions offered throughout…mixed classes for correctional behaviour, sissy school and much more. At present my class seats a maximum of 5 pupils at a time and classes will be strict, with uniform inspections, diciplinaries and a variety of tasks and training to be undertaken by all pupils. A set school uniform is yet to be decided…and of which will be available to purchase or hire for those fortunate to attend on a regular and privileged basis.

With this I have also had the arrival of the lavish french sofa / chaise along with the queen anne dressing table and chesterfield leather seats. The boudoir area is also coming along well…. A key area for both crossdressing services, forced fem and humiliation dress. I shall be very much looking forward to demasculating and using all who are forced into the glamourous bitch boudoir and humiliation parlour for my sheer amusement.

This is not to forget that in my gracious house of sin and saviour there is now to also be the arrival of a large wooden altar purchased recently from a local church. It would seem so rude to not provide a chapel  area for slaves to bow, kneel and worship to thier superior. Be it a confessional and worship or restrained to the altar and punished. So be ready to enter the true kingdom and vast playground of Mistress Rachel.

Just remember no one will hear your screams from in here.

05 Sep 2016

A Very Interesting Species!

So back home at my chambers in Worcester I have had an array of interesting and delicious species to amuse myself with. With the recent visit of a couple (male and female partners) I also have been indulging in more delicious kink and fetish. I do rather enjoy a small audience to please and amuse me and the challenge of balance and dynamic can be very interesting in such situations. Something I thrive upon indeed.

Whilst the male was an experienced fetishist his partner was rather new yet excited to be both serving and both voyeur to the goings on.

Once I had established trust with the very nervous female…I had her initially sit at my feet and watch obediently as I tied her husband to the st andrews cross, helpless and vulnerable.

I stroked her hair slowly….and kicked him hard in the balls until his eyes watered. Laughing in delight I turned to his attractive partner and ordered she remove her clothes and present herself to me.

Looking shocked she stood trembling slightly which excited me… I gently took her wrists and strapped her to the bar lowered from the hoist above. Whilst she could stand she was vulnerable and at mercy to me. I positioned her almost opposite her partner and ran my hands over her naked smooth figure and soft breasts…she trembled with fear as her nipples hardened under my palms.

Her husband became more and more excited watching but not being allowed to speak nor touch…so I took his balls in my hand and slowly crushed them in my hand until he squealed….my eye contact kept focused as I delighted in watching him weaken….they were both powerless to me…to be used as playthings as I so desired, to me a moment of power and kink all at once. Knowing and feeling my true place of belonging as a dominant queen.

I stood and kicked him in the balls….harder and harder and harder and laughed. The female looked with both fear and excitement…I stood behind her stroking her all over and breathed gently on her neck as I squeezed her nipples so hard she began to climax as she gave her trust and vulnerability to me…her husband became more and more aroused as he watched me playing.

Taking the cane I caned his hard cock hard to teach him a lesson until it was black with stripes. I then let his  partner down and held her between my thighs and caned each of her breasts. I asked her if she had been a good girl for me and if she thought she should get a reward I then forced her face onto his cock and fucked it with her soft beauty in brutal motion. She was allowed to swallow his cream to amuse me and what great fun was had.

So for every visitor who serves there unfolds a different story, a frank honesty of communication in a neutral space where judgement is not on the everyday but on them as they serve and understand thier place. All energy is different, each submission with varied motion and headspace, but all willing and ready to please.

From mild domination and tie and tease of a novice…to extreme humiliation, degradation and severe punishment. All subjects please and amuse me in different ways as it is the energy and trust between dom and sub that creates the foundation and transition to true fantasy and fetish.  For the sub to emerse himself in his space fully, letting go but knowing at all times I have the reigns. Once his place of fantasy and reality are submerged he is truly set free, and altogether mine. It is only me as the dominant that can give him this trust and power. For to be the creator of the storm you must know how to control its elements.

05 Sep 2016

Acceptance of BDSM

After spending the bank holiday weekend at Manchester Gay Pride with my attentive and trained maid Felicity, we stayed at my Manchester slave residence where I attended with obedient servitude and gifts.

This was the first time I had attended Manchester pride and must say how impressive the parade and its supporters were, a fantastic parade and show of support and celebration reigned the streets with warm acceptance and colourful dance.

However throughout this paraded performance of floats and dancers came a show of the now well known gay male puppy boys. All in masks and many in latex with matching harnesses and owners I beamed an additional level of pleasure as I watched them freely express themselves and thier given place.

Whilst this particularly pleased me it did once again raise the subject of the subject of fetish in the LGBT formation. Where does this sit and quite what and where is yet accepted as mainstream to the general public?

Whilst it would appear fetish is easing its way into a more modern acceptance with the puppies on the male gay scene it still also heralds the old school image of the gay male in chaps. Yet we still have a long way to go here. Whilst these images have become somewhat synonymous and accepted in this area fetish as a whole is somewhat of a grey unknown amongst the rest. With generally speaking I should think that the average Jo public have often only ever encountered the word fetish on the packaging of an anne summers crop or the fifty shades of grey book; the rest is still seen as the frightening great unknown.

So whilst both support and intrigue was shown to the pups I do question the reaction to kink and if this would have been as accepting if I myself had attended in a carriage driven by male pony boys? Whilst I adore and support pride 110 percent, within this calm and expressive place we still have many mountains to climb. So whilst we are pushing the boundaries of educating and understanding on gender, race and religion, we still have a long way to go to put real kink out there as an accepted, consented and respected act or place. As we are breaking boundaries with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans, what about the sub dom fetish relationship? Are we still the unknown taboo?

Whilst it is not an easy concept for those outside of the scene to grasp I feel it is an important one across the board. Fetish flows across the whole LGBT and very strongly into the trans element of things. Whilst I touched on the difficulty of this section and its complexities from one side of girls in boys bodies to the other for those dressing for kicks. I feel there is perhaps a closer link of both varied complexity in both these areas. So just how do we go about fragmenting, sectioning, educating and presening to the mainstream?

Though kink develops and changes like most fantasy, It is still something which is very much a part of a persons being and need from an early age. We as fetishists or kinksters crave our place be it sub or dom much as our accepted counterparts with thier needs.

So I question as a bi sexual dominant who lives the lifestyle at what point shall we be accepted and protected by our local constabulary? Whilst hate crime is now (thankfully) recognised and protected why is the dominatrix still viewed with fear and disdain in her neighbourhood? Why are we still a grey area of understanding when actually our kingdom of fantasy is not one of seedy spaces and men in trenchcoats, but more one of golden thrones and exquisite grandeur.

So whilst enjoying the celebrations I also met the fabulous Ma’am Malice and her friend from Warrington, A fabulous and fun duo of a wicked sadistic nature, we danced and laughed as ordering our minions to amuse us further as they played together. Also a brief meet with Mistress Chloe from the Wirral area who was with her Mistress in training. So nice to see female supremacy gracing the colourful streets of Manchester pride.