2017 so far…

So as 2017 speeds along my chambers find themselves presented with a variety of subservient specimens presenting themselves to serve.

One never bores of the real satisfaction that true consented slavery offers in modern day.

Whilst we read throughout history of those dark places and chain gang style slaves today’s version sees a much more modern version with its own equally sadistic measures.

The workhouse slaves steadily prove attention to detail and commitment to their well earned positions…Whilst those visiting for sessions experience a concise and free flowing intense domination.

With various furnishings and creativity dominance and pleasure sit hand in hand as I strip you back, break you down and watch you helplessly squirm in my presence.

Whilst trust and understanding form the basis of our play it is cat and mouse as you clearly respect and understand your place to a superior female.

Like every new day, each and every submissive shows qualities and weakness which i recognise. From which I pick and choose to amuse myself in my shrewd little games.

So whilst the days of chain gang may remain in our history books, Victorian fetishes, replica medieval devices and historic practice are far from forgotten.

Whilst I am both a professional and lifestyle domina ones everyday passions and interest flow naturally into all activities.

Having recently taken a keen interest in both a wrestling fetish and that of a physical nature I feel this year I shall be looking to experiment with this topic further.

Whilst my strict school ma’am Victorian theme seems quite a contrast I do believe the two shall be developed both with equal passion. After all we all grow, learn and develop through exoerience and curiosity.

Whilst my Victorian school room and dungeon are a constantly developing  space of fresh inspiration and ever growing wickedness, my appetite, much like my furnishings are never satisfied for too long.

For some just a mere world of simple fetish fantasy, for me a place of passion, control and ever changing wonder. Where domination and amusement becken forth the weak male.

A place for him to present his true self, the inner submissive he hides so well.

I am sitting waiting, your calling will not go away,  and I shall await your arrival.

Do note I shall be touring a variety of countries from February the 21st and returning back to my permanent base in Worcester just after the Easter weekend on the 20th of April.

My adventures and amusing moments shall as always be updated on Twitter as my journey progresses.

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